And so, it begins

The words of Kosh Naranek of the Vorlons are quite apt for a mildly geeky fat mouse at the start of her journey to release her inner thin.

You can either blame or thank my daughter for these ramblings, it’s your choice, and feel free to let me know which. Personally I blame her for coming up with a blog as a way to keep me focused and you bored enthralled with the wonders of my journey through exercise and diet , from fat and unfit to…well lets be honest, thinner and fitter. At my age I’m under no illusions.

So, roll up and marvel at my fascinating exploits (am I selling you on this?) as I eat my way through small portions of something or other tasty with recipes at times and walk my way steadily to some version of fit.

Don’t expect miracles overnight, I’m in this for the long haul, but I’m expecting it to much less than boring, honest!.

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