One small step for a mouse…

Well here we are on the first day on the journey and the line has been drawn. No dwelling on the food I ate yesterday or this will be a non-starter.

The day started as they do these days with a coffee, milk and sweetener, and then it was time to get started with getting some food into Mandy, our poorly guinea pig. She stopped eating several weeks ago and after several visits to a vet is still unable to pick up and eat food. I have cried at times watching her when I put fresh vegetables or leaves in the cage for her and Sweetie Pig. She so desperately wants to eat these tasty treats. Sadly I have to either syringe feed her with special recovery food or hand feed her dried nuggets and she hates it, with the feeding descending into a struggle towards the end. Tomorrow we are going to take her to a different vet, one who I have discovered has experience in treating small furries, maybe they can help.

After putting Mandy Pig back with her cagemate I made my second cup of coffee and a bowl of porridge made with semi-skimmed milk, a little salt and sweetener, should keep me going while I sort out my wardrobe into ‘can wear’ and ‘have to wait till I am a bit smaller’. I’ve done this in the past and the second pile ends up at the charity shop.

But I have a plan this time, and those who will do their best to make me stick to it.

I had a haslet sandwich as a snack around 12 to tide me over until dinner dinner and gave Mandy Pig another feed. Gave the kitchen a good sort out while listening to music, got a bit of hip jiggling going to so I suppose that counts a little towards exercise.

Dinner was some nice tasty roast pork (no crackling allowed though) with mashed potato, Slimming world style roast potatoes, carrots and broccoli and a drop of gravy. Oh and I added an Aunt Bessie Yorkshire Pud. And as I served this up on a smaller plate I think I had around half of my usual portion.

And now having travelled to Nantwich and back to fetch my partner, J, home I’m going to prepare a low fat version of Patatas Bravas for lunch tomorrow, grab a haslet salad sandwich and retire for the night.

Before I go though just want to share the message from the Valentines Card J bought me.

It says on the front “Valentine You’ve Stolen a Pizza My Heart” and on the inside “I Love You to Pizzas” with pictures of pizza slices holding hands. Just got to love those foodies 🙂

Until the next time x

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