The best laid plans?

The hardest part of exercising for me is being organised, that and the fact that I hate the gym. And that is one of the reasons I signed up for the 5k at the Big Eon Run in April, several of the ladies in the office are doing it as a walk and I sort of got caught up. Then reality hit!

WHAT AM I DOING? 3+ miles is a major challenge, yes you read that right. It’s not that I have an injury or anything, I am unfit and overweight and it’s all my own doing. And so yesterday was my first training day and my daughter was there to assist. Nothing to strenuous, just a walk round Bramcote Park, dead easy right?

Wrong! The first part of the walk takes you uphill for a few yards, not even a steep climb, but as we reached the start of the path proper I had to stop to catch my breath. At that point I really wanted to just burst into tears and go home, what was the use if I was this far gone!

But E was with me and there are other reasons I need to get fit which I may go into in a later posting, so after a minute or so we set off again. A short way down the path we came to a bench next to the site of the old Manor House and sat down for a drink and a bit of a chat, something we would do at various points of the walk, getting back up to walk again was good though as despite the sun it was quite cold.

In total, according to the app on my phone, we walked 1.36 miles and enjoyed every step (except for that bloody hill) and I’m looking forward to the next one with her in a couple of weeks. No, that isn’t laziness, she has a 10k run next weekend! In the meantime now the lighter nights are coming I hope to be taking regular short walks in the evening after work and hopefully by the April arrives 5k will seem like a walk in the park.

The Big Eon Run is an event to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust if you would like to sponsor me for this event (and help inspire me to do this and future charity walks) the Justgiving link is here

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2 Responses to The best laid plans?

  1. ttmcgutters says:

    The first bit is the hardest… When I started running I couldn’t run for a minute without wanting to collapse, and now look where I am! The first steps the hardest, but the only way is up. Maybe create a training plan, I often use excel to create a calendar leading up to the event, it is easier to do when you know what you have to do on any given day, and then you can tick it off as you go along!!
    Anyway, proud of you and know you can do it.



    • janesmouse says:

      Up is the bit that worries me, can’t I have all of my walks downhill please? Seriously though I know what you mean and maybe one day I’ll manage a run. Got to get ready for the Zombie Apocalypse after all! My plan is actually quite simple and dependant on the weather. If it is fine and light I will walk, if it is dark and/or wet I won’t. I’m just going to take it steadily leading up to this first event and after that I shall maintain and then start to increase the distance I can walk.


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