The revelation

Well here we are, it’s weigh day and I’ve been weighed! Was it a shock? Well not really, I got on the same scales 3 weeks ago so I know what to expect. Was I happy with the weight? Not at all, it frightens me and certainly encourages me to do something.

Day 3 of the diet/eating plan/new way of life (please delete as applicable) started with me missing breakfast. Yes I know breakfast is important but juggling guinea pig feeding, booking a GP appointment for J and then setting off to that appointment with her sort of filled up the time! But I made up for it after I had been weighed by visiting a local cafe that offers the ‘Sin Free Breakfast’, a meal that is Slimming World friendly and consists of 2 rashers of very lean bacon, tomatoes, baked beans, two griddled eggs and mushrooms. Very tasty and just the right size (much smaller than I prefer) to keep me going until this evening with the minimum of snacking.

I need to get a walk in today but the number of things I need to do, the cold, the wind and the showers may just turn into excuses. I don’t think a walk around the supermarket counts does it? But we shall see.

And now the brave thing, the bit I decided would be a good incentive to lose weight, and the thing that is actually frightening me a little. But then I tell myself that no one is going to follow a boring blog about some nobody losing weight. That means I can do this and all it will be is my reminder of where I started from.

My Starting Weight on 24 Feb 2015 is


is 25 stone exactly.

There I’ve said it, and that’s that.

Now to make sure that next week the figure I post is lower.

Bye for now

The shrinking mouse

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