Tired but cheery

Been an interesting day overall and I think tomorrow might just be starting the same way!

It started at 1.45 am when my alarm woke me for the first of the many feedings today for poor Mandy Pig, I’ve already touched on her eating problem in a previous post. I will digress a little here to bring you up to speed.

Mandy Pig is around 3 years old now, a cute little cheery bundle of fur who has been with us from a few weeks old. We adopted her from a local guinea pig rescue centre as a companion to Molly who had recently lost her daughter Millie (keen observers may see a trend here which has been continued since with Sweetie). Pop over to Avalon and see what they do and maybe help them out a little as they are always desperate for donations of things like hay and food.  Anyway, we took Mandy to a different vet last night as after many visits she was still not able to take food herself and was reliant on us for her food.
The vet looked her over and told us that her front teeth seemed a little long. We were surprised as the previous vet had already trimmed them twice. We had her teeth cut back a little on the vet’s recommendation and they were done a few minutes later.
When we got home I waited a hour or so and gave her dried nuggets as usual, one at a time and only a few. We then discussed her feeding as the biggest problem we have is that we leave the house at 9am and don’t get home until 6.30 which is a long time for a poorly guinea pig. The plan was hatched, I volunteered to set my alarm for intervals through the night for feeds. Then I fed her at 11pm.

That brings us back to the main thread. At 1.45 I woke to give Mandy a feed, she took around a dozen nuggets from me before tossing her head to tell me she had had enough. I settled back down and again woke, this time at 4am for the same. 6.30am bought something new though, she seemed more alert, though I was less so. My heart lightened as this was a change to the steady decline I had been seeing and which has bought me to tears more than once. And then at 9am after tossing her head to end her feed, she walked up my chest and after sniffing my face she licked my chin. I was over the moon as this was the first sign of affection she has shown in almost 4 weeks. I really think our little Mandy Pig is on the mend and will be with us for a long time yet.

Not out of the woods though, the vet did warn us that her teeth should now grow back normally but there was no absolute guarantee. We have continued to feed her with love and hope through today and she still shows the increased interest in life that she was showing me this morning.

And if anyone was wondering how pretty she is, here is the lovely Mandy Pig pin-up picture

2015-02-20 19.27.33

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