Heaven and Hell

It was the best of days, it was the worst of days to paraphrase Charles Dickens.

Early hours of this morning as I woke to give Mandy Pig her latest mini feed I realised I was starting seemed to be starting with a migraine, not uncommon for me as it seems to be related to my high blood pressure and stress and the last week or two have been a little more than usually stressful with concerns over our little one’s health. When I woke up again at 7am it was full blown and one of the worst I have felt for some time so I had no choice but to call work and let them know I would be staying home. I took some painkillers and managed to get off to sleep again until around 11am. Despite my discomfort (understatement alert) I have managed to feed Mandy several times during the day though she seemed to be refusing after smaller feeds which caused further concern.

That was the worst of days, and it certainly continues through this evening, been at this posting on and off all evening and I suspect from the level of discomfort that I shall be spending most of tomorrow in bed too.

But there has been a good side, I was giving Mandy a feed mid evening and asked J if she would get me a bit of cucumber. She came back with several chunks, and some fine diced cucumber and carrot. With no real hope I offered a wedge of cucumber to the little lady on my chest and she just went for it, never seen such a ferocious attack from a guinea pig! Over the next five minutes she removed the soft centre parts from the cucumber and was trying very hard to deal with the skin. No luck there, she still has some way to go I think. A second went the same way shortly afterwards. I asked for some pepper with the skin removed and at one point she managed to pull it away from me and was waving it wildly through the air as she tried to chew a piece off. No luck though until I got hold and she managed to tear a small chunk off. This is a wonderful breakthrough and justifies the effort I have continued to put into making sure she gets some sort of food into her. She was determined and continually showed interest in food even while not being able to eat on her own and I had no intention of failing her while she showed that grip on life.

Not out of the woods yet of course, she lost another 10 grams since Monday though that is a decrease on previous weeks. We have a light at the end of this tunnel now and offer thanks to our favoured deities that she will recover fully.

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