Training Day II

Back from my walk, only a short one today as J was with me. We walked about 0.5 miles in a circular route that started on the old Nottingham Canal at Cossall where it crosses Coronation Road (for those who want to google it). But never mind every little walk is useful and I did rather pile it on on the steps up the hill near the end. Here are a few photos from the walk.

2015-02-28 14.16.44 2015-02-28 14.19.302015-02-28 14.19.57

After the walk we went to a local garden centre for supplies and a late lunch. In the cafe as per the old me my first thought was for the carvery but we were told that it had just finished. My first reaction was to be a little mardy and I felt like just walking out as my mind had fixated on the carvery. Then I took a look at the menu board, first thing to catch my eye was the pie and chips, and something clicked inside, this was the old way I worked. What else? Salad caught my eye, that is safer. Salmon and Crayfish? No way I’ll eat crayfish! Ham? Boring! Hmm, Pesto and Cherry Tomato Quiche, I’ll give that a try!
“Do you want chips with that?”. I said that I did not, chips and salad just don’t work for me. Here is what was served up to me. 2015-02-28 15.15.36And very tasty it was though the potatoes were a little overcooked , the quiche had been made with quite a strong cheese which made it particularly attractive.

I suspect that quiche salad is going to be a recurring theme over the weeks to come, especially if I make it without the pastry.

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