Best laid plans and all of that

I had finally managed to make some form of a plan for today, this is a bigger thing than you might think as since my depression started I have just sort of drifted. Come to think about it time management has always been a bit of an alien concept.

So, this morning was a visit to my ex to advise on a new wardrobe for my son. This would include a visit to Ikea. Got there and found that the wardrobe was basically fine, problem with the clothes rail apparently and maybe he needed a larger one. I measured the space, and decided that there was little chance of fitting anything much bigger in. Anyway we looked in Ikea, and I suddenly found out that the only problem was the plastic fixings on the rail were loose and pulled out when the rail was loaded. Quick trip to the DIY and 5 minutes back at the flat and the wardrobe is sorted. Total cost £3.50.

Back home I was going to take the bales of bark chippings out of the car and place them ready for spreading later after my walk down by the local Erewash canal. Popped into the house to find a box of my jam and chutney open in the hall and J laid on the bed on her side. Seems she had been up and about and got the box out to give some to a caller (local Keeneze agent) just after he had gone she started to feel dizzy and sat down, it passed shortly afterwards and then came on again stronger along with hot flushes and tingling over her body. She won’t let me call anyone right now as she says she is starting to feel better.

Best thing I think right now is to do what I need to and stay with her, all may be well but I’d hate her to have it happen again in case it turns out to be serious. She has just tried sitting up at my suggestion and the dizziness has returned. I do worry about her at times as her health doesn’t seem to improve.  But I signed on for the duration, she made me aware of her state of health when we got together and I made a commitment to her then. But that also means I need to be fit and well so that I can look after her and right now that is the reason I am walking and dieting so that I don’t need to be cared for too.

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