Down 50 for C3

It was a work day today so little to report really. Though this evening we took Mandy Pig to the vet again. Very interesting visit, she  noticed some irregularities on one of her lower incisors and possible damage to the gum at the base. We are having our little treasure admitted tomorrow so that the vet who specialises in exotics can take a look and hopefully come up with a solution. We shall see.

As this will now impact on my day tomorrow I’ve decided that I’d better share with you now.

As you know I have been talking about starting my diet and getting my weight down. What I have decided to do is use part of this to raise money for charity. It’s all pretty much in place just needing a couple of pictures and the starting weight. But what the hell I say, lets get things moving and I can get the weigh in at some point tomorrow.

So here we go, the idea is to use a combination of healthy low fat eating and exercise to lose at least 50 lb by 20th July 2015. I’ll be giving regular updates here and on Facebook and Twitter so that people can follow my progress. The charity I have chosen to support is the C Three Foundation, an organisation that was formed to promote a new way of dealing with alcohol dependance that is showing a great deal of success. You can read more about it here and if you are in Europe or the UK this link here .

If you would like to help me raise at least $2000 for this great cause you can find my fundraising page at you can do so at any time but the more the merrier and the more work this cause can do to help save people.

Thank you for listening


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