I am determined that I am not going to get obsessive about losing weight and getting fit. I keep telling myself that but it is hard isn’t it? If you don’t focus on your goal and also on the steps that get you there then you really aren’t going to succeed. I wonder if there is such a thing as a binge obsesser, if there isn’t then I claim first dibs on the discovery of this rare creature!

I’m going to hammer out the details of how this is going to work for me, not the exercise bit as that is as and when I can do so because of my need to watch over J and work and desire to exercise outdoors in pleasant surrounding. What I am doing is building a meal plan that will last me for weeks, will be inexpensive, will not be boring and is easy to prepare after a day at work.

Well, it’s off to do some cooking of healthy quiche, and sundry other tasties to keep me going. I think I might post a few of my favourites next time.

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Thanks for listening


I’m thinking strongly of the 5-2 diet, the one where you eat normally for 5 days a week and only eat 500 calories (600 for men) on the other 2 days. I have heard good things about this diet and the only part of it that gives me concern is the discipline needed to to have that extra snack when you get paticularly hungry. I don’t handle hunger well, I’m a real grazer when given the chance and may have to resort to a variety of tricks to keep me on track.

Normal days should not be a problem, I have this real thing about porridge, I really don’t get bored of it so a bowl a day will work well for weeks, especially if I add a bit of fruit or other flavour to it. Of course it is made with skimmed milk and sweetener and a touch of salt, can’t forget the salt, the Scots know their stuff there. And the things you can do for meals with oats is amazing it seems, will have to try ans share a few recipes soon.

The biggest problem I personally face is that as soon as I have eaten my morning porridge my appetite wakes up. I have tried a variety of ways to make sure I eat healthily at work but I just graze, by lunch the only thing I have left is my lunch which I try to make sure is something that either needs heating or is too messy to eat at a desk. I tried sandwiches but they also vanished by lunch. That of course then leaves me wide open to trips to the vending machine in the afternoon and they don’t fill those with diet friendly foods!

The latest idea I have to solve this problem is to split my food, take half into the building in the morning and then pop out to the car at lunch to get my afternoon fare. That and move from fruit and veg to meat as a snacking food. I’ll share my thoughts again after a week or so.

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2 Responses to Meanderings

  1. Jubbly says:

    Must admit, I found that 500 cals difficult as I just kept focussing on food all day. I think the secret is to KNOW exactly what you are going to have during the day and have it prepared. Ms Emily, you are a tall lady and would you not be able to have more calories per day on the ‘fasting’ days? Surely there is room for that kind of sway? I wish you well. Like giving up smoking, weight loss is freedom. So I am told lol. Am with you on your journey, in spirit.


    • janesmouse says:

      Well technically dearest friend fast days are 1/4 of normal calories and the 500/600 is for the average. As my baseline calories will be higher because of my weight I might tweak things to the 600 level. I’m going to be planning those days in exquisite detail to try to fool myself that I’m getting enough to eat. It’s going to be a long and difficult journey but I know my loved ones are behind me on this \and that helps so much.


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