Well here it is, the weigh in, hot off the press from the Boots weighing machine. And as seen in the pic below I have lost 4lb in the last 7 days.

Exercise did take a bit of a blow though, I walked 1.9Weight 100315 miles on Saturday on a round walk at the local nature reserve, I was going to do a post of that walk along with pictures but the sad events of the last posting intervened. I’ll put that one up at another time. Anyway, after completing the walk and doing a brief shop at our local farm shop (Facebook page is here) to pick up my fruit and veg, I noticed that my knee was hurting a bit. By Sunday it was really hurting as I walked around. I’ve had this before and it really limits my mobility, one of the hazards of being very overweight. It is starting to ease now so I’ll be taking a gentle, careful walk this afternoon as I do need to keep a bit of momentum up otherwise I’ll end up back on the couch watching TV.

Meal planning is fun too (not that much), thought about the 5:2 diet and yesterday I tried a Fast day. Got through it by the skin of my teeth, but I don’t think I am ready for something quite that strict yet. When it comes to food I am used to largish portions and I’m trying to bring these to a more sensible size, the fasting part is just too much of a contrast at the moment for me as my ability to go without food is poor and I get cranky. So, I’m going to swing between normal diet days with healthy low fat/low sugar food in medium portions and reduced calorie days with things like soups and fruit. I’ll let you know how I fare. Today is going to be a normalish day, porridge with kiwi fruit for breakfast, lean bacon with egg and tomatoes for lunch, and the worst sort of roast dinner! I mean worst in that the pork chops will have the tastiest bit removed before cooking. Ahh well such is life, and life is what it is about really. Of course the roast potatoes will be cooked with just a spray of oil and I adore veg so that is fine too.

My journey is well and truly started though, 4 lb since I started my fundraising weight loss plan last week, but 7 lb in the last two weeks. A result like that has really boosted me, now I know that I will make it to that magic 50 lb loss by the summer and C Three Foundation will benefit from my success too. Please visit their page and also my fundraising page Down 50 for C3 if you wish to help.

More soon


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