Mandy Roe

Sorry about the gap in my musings dear readers but we have had sad times here. You may remember this young lady,

as I have 2015-02-20 19.27.33mentioned her a couple of times. Well, after looking after her, vet visits for a dental problem and hand feeding her day and night in the 8 weeks since she stopped eating the poor little girl decided she had had enough at 00:30 on Sunday morning. She had been fine during the day and early evening, taking her feed of pureed fresh vegetables well. But around 11pm she seemed withdrawn. I tried to feed her but she refused, she was also spitting out water when I tried to syringe a little in. I decided to give her a second dose of pain relief just in case the pain from her jaw was the cause. No luck there. I phoned my partner J, who was away for the weekend and we both knew that we had to take her to the vet one last time to stop her suffering any more. We agreed that I would look after Mandy as much as I was able and that she would set off from Wales early on Sunday so that we could take her together. She then asked to be put on speakerphone and spoke to Mandy briefly, until we both started to break down. She then hung up and I went back to caring for the little one, I managed to use a smaller syringe and get around 2-3 ml of water into her mouth but I knew that wasn’t enough. 30 minutes later as I held her in my arms and spoke gently to her she stopped breathing. My call to J shortly after wards was so difficult as I could hardly talk. I held the frail little bundle for some time after that, talking to her, telling her how loved she had been and how much we would miss her antics and cute little face. I then laid her wrapped in a towel, in the indoor cage she normally shares with Sweetie Pig (I kept her in the floor run) and managed to fall asleep.

When Jane came back on Sunday afternoon we carefully dug a hole in the part of the front flower bed that has been dedicated to our little furries and in a short pagan burial ceremony she was laid to rest with Sam, Millie and Molly. We miss her terribly, she was such a spirit raiser after a bad day, but she will be our penultimate, this time we will not be trying to replace her.

I have never actually held any living thing as it passed, Guinea pigs are given gas in a special tent by the vet and you only see them afterwards. This time there was no time for that and I held and watched as she peacefully left us, I do wonder if she found comfort in being held by someone who loved her as she died, I know that is some strange way I did feel comforted that she was not alone at that final moment.

Rest in Peace Mandy Roe, you loved and were loved by us all.

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