Been a steady day today, eaten healthily though due to the problem knee and the fact that I sit all day at work exercise has been problematic. But my knee improves by the day, the weekend is coming along with a walk around Ashford in the Water in the Peak District. Sticking to the flat bit near the river though, those peaks can be steep.

Want to give out one or two thanks as well. Firstly to Claudia Christian who I admire greatly and who, through her postings on social media, had given me a cause to raise funds for. See CThree Foundation for all of the details.

Then to a new friend who has been the inspiration, her ceaseless dedication to raising money for the causes that are important to her turned my diet into a a potential force for good. I discovered her while reading posts about FCD2015, which is a SF event at Easter raising funds for several charities including CThree.  She has her blog here, why not pop over there and get inspired. Of course I expect you to come back here too.

Then there is Kelly who gave me the most wonderful pesto recipe at her blog, it has already found it’s way into my cooking. Find the recipe along with many other wonderful tasties here at Foodie Fiasco.

Finally there is my partner J and my daughter E, both are tireless in their encouragement of my efforts to become a shrunken mouse with suggestions, nudges and downright nagging. They both love me though which is why they do this.

Thanks to all of you and to all of the people who follow my blog, read my scribblings, comment and even occasionally pledge on my fundraising page at down50forc3 .

See you all soon


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