Motherhood and Age

This weekend has been a busy but enjoyable one celebrating Motherhood and Age. On Saturday we traveled to Ashford in the Water in Derbyshire to visit J’s mother and take her for a meal. We took her to the Wheatsheaf in nearby Baslow, a pub that serves excellent food. I wish I had taken pictures of the food so that you could share the visual experience but I’m afraid you will just have to take it from me that the presentation was perfect and of course the taste was Mmmmmm!

I had a bit of a break from strict dieting (well it was a special weekend) by having a Wild Boar and Chorizo Burger, a moist, dense patty with good flavours let down only slightly by the inclusion of a tomato slice underneath which made the bun soggy. It was served with a cup of chips (fries to my friends across the pond), three onion rings and a small pot of coleslaw. The finishing touch was a pot of BBQ sauce to dip the chips into.

For J it was Pork and Red Leicester meatballs with an awesome gravy and vegetables. I had a taste of the meatballs and will be looking at making a low fat version – watch this space!

Sunday was my multi-teenth birthday! What? Excuse me a lady doesn’t tell her age! After opening many cards and gifts from J, my son and daughter I sort of relaxed until we headed off to join our Pagan friends for the normal moot in Newark upon Trent. And of course my birthday meal out. Decided to go a little healthier here or so I thought!

Chicken goujons with dip first, followed by roast vegetable pie with potatoes and roast vegetable mash…of course the pie turned out to be filled with a rich cheese sauce., but it was delicious. I was going to be a little good and avoid dessert but this was not to be, N, one of my Pagan friends insisted on buying me and Apple and Blueberry crumble as a birthday gift.

The weekend may have been higher calorie than I would have wished but it was a good time with family and friends and it has given me some ideas for meals that I can adapt to be tasty and low in fat and other nasties.

And now I’m back on track and aiming for the target. Training starts again tomorrow as my knee seems much better, I really need to get back on it as the Big Eon run is a month away. And of course it is weight day tomorrow too, it will be a real miracle after the weekend if I have lost anything. But there are people depending on me to get back in the saddle. Teenage Cancer Trust are the charity of choice for the run in April, please consider donating to my fundraiser at Justgiving if you would like to encourage me to get my walking shoes on. Alternatively you can support me in my attempt to lose the first 50 of 150 lbs by donating at Crowdrise for The CThree Foundation. The choice is yours.

See you around


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