A hiccup? Or just a pause

Weight 170315

Well it is not an unexpected result, I had not been sensible enough to plan round a weekend that included both Mother’s Day and my Birthday. That is 0 lb lost in the last week and 4 lb in the 2 weeks since I started. Back on track now though especially now that my minor knee injury has sorted itself and I was out at Attenborough again today.

As I say on my fundraising page this is not a big fast weight loss plan, slow and steady really will win this race. I intend for any improvement I make to be permanent, that means simple and easy changes to the way I live. Things that I can incorporate into everything I do. So, what does this mean for me?

  1. No slimming groups, they just don’t work for me. Group reinforcement just leaves me cold
  2. No faddy diets, they take too much work to maintain them
  3. No slimming supplements…unless you can show me double blind peer reviewed studies that prove without doubt that they are effective
  4. Good healthy home cooked food
  5. Reasonable (for me that means smaller) portion size
  6. Tasty and easy to make
  7. Steady exercise

The biggest challenge in all of this is that I have a very sedentary job and currently am extremely unfit. A 1 mile walk today with shopping afterwards and hauling some 100l bags of bark have left me in some discomfort this evening. These are not excuses I want you to understand but obstacles I must and will overcome as I work my way down the scales.

My preference for my exercise will be to take walks, these will be starting short and slow but should increase in length and speed as time goes on. I will be sharing the best walks with pictures in my posts as time goes on as I plan to visit some interesting and beautiful places.

And of course I intend to share the food I eat, and if I make anything particularly inspiring you shall have the recipe.

And now as usual my fundraiser. I came across an item on Facebook today that really brings home the problems people with an alcohol problem can face. To be honest it quite shocked me. See what you think here. If it shocks you too and you want to help bring a change, visit The C3 Foundation to find out more. Then you can either donate to them or encourage my weight loss by visiting my fundraising page at Down50forC3 to make your donation.

Be happy


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