The best laid plans

Today we had a plan, well E did when she texted me last night. “I’ll be at the gym until 10.30 so we can meet at Victoria Embankment and then there is a lovely walk along the River from Lady Bay to Holme Pierrepont.” For those not familiar with the locations, the map for today is at the end of this post.

Well as the old adage sort of goes, the best laid plans of Shrinking Mice etc. E changed her plans and I picked her up from home and then we drove into Nottingham, when we arrived at the proposed parking place I realised I had forgotten about Saturday parking and there was no space to be seen. Plan B then, we drove to Holme Pierrepont arriving by the Canoe Club. Couldn’t see a way down to the river and with no map along we opted to walk along the main race course a nice wide path a little over 1 mile long. Not a great deal to view along the way, on one side was this great linear artificial lake and on the other were grass, trees and at the latter point another lake that seemed to be set up for water skiing. But the company and the conversation was as usual enjoyable. We shared the route with several other walkers and cyclists and at one point were surprised by a car passing us! The downside to the walk (there has to be one doesn’t there) was the rather cold wind that blew at us throughout, while it kept me cool(I’m still big remember, even walking raises my temperature a fair bit) it did make exposed skin quite uncomfortably cold. The only good bit of that was the return trip with the wind behind us. I do hate those winds that seem determined to shift around and always blow towards you. As usual I kept a track of my walk and it came to a satisfying 2 miles, and only a little complaining from my knees. Of course E had to spoil it all by suggesting the next walk would be 2.6 miles…slavedriver!

At the completion of the walk we decided that food was in order, a quick check showed the cafe at the centre was closed so we set off in the car in search of a nice place to eat. E said that she had eaten once at the Ferry in Wilford and had enjoyed the food, it was decided and off we went. I have heard of the Ferry and that the landlord used to row over the to the nearby footbridge across the Trent to collect customers in time of flood, so I was looking forward to seeing this locally famous pub.

The Ferry is one of those lovely places with a variety of rooms to choose from, we sat in a little alcove overlooking the outside courtyard which I think would be a really pleasant place to sit on a summer evening. The menu looked quite impressive but we settled on Pulled Pork sandwiches as this was to be a light lunch after the walk. We had been told by the bar staff that there was a 40 minute wait for food but found that our food was delivered by a friendly smiling waitress after around 10 – 15 minutes. To be honest I would have been happy to wait the full time for food like this. The pork was moistened by a delightful barbecue and ale sauce, the fries were golden and crunchy and the salad came with a dressing that had a little bite to it. This was a wonderful way to complete a training day.

Looking forward now to Tuesday when I can get my next walk in, just a small one to keep the momentum going but I am beginning to enjoy them again as I start to reverse the neglect of several years.

Hope that your day has been a good one too


Here is the map from today, the Red marker is for Victoria Embankment – Really pleasant with play areas, wide open grassy areas and gardens, oh and a lovely stretch of the River Trent.
The Yellow Marker is the Ferry Inn which is accessible by road theough the village of Wilford or on foot via a bridge from the Victoria Embankment.
The Blue line is the footpath walk along the Trent from Lady Bay to Holme Pierrepont.
And the Red line is the walk we took today at the Watersports Centre.

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