Can do better!

Weight 240315And here we have it, proof that weight loss is the opposite of investment and can go up as well as down. 1lb up on last week. Looks as though I have really taken my eye off the ball and need to get properly focused on what I need to do to reach my target on time.

I’m not disheartened though, but I feel bad that I am potentially letting down those who have believed in me enough to donate to my fundraiser at Crowdrise. Sorry guys, I will do better from here on in.

So, here is the plan, my daughter was bending my ear as we walked on Saturday. She was saying that she thought I should start following Slimming World as it was probably the best diet for me. And today I have come to realise that she may be right. So I have dusted off my old slimming world books and will start tomorrow. This must work, while I am using this to raise funds for an important cause, it is also very much for me. I have to lose this weight before it does me serious harm and I know how close I have been to tipping over the edge because any form of exercise, even the walking that I love has become so hard to do.

So I am asking you dear reader to consider encouraging me by visiting my Crowdrise page and making a donation to The CThree Foundation, any amount is fine, even a single dollar (or pound) makes a difference and brings the target closer. You will be helping me to help myself get fit and also help many others too. And please consider sharing both my blog and my fundraiser with your friends, it will help so many people get well from a most insidious condition.

Here are the links for Cloudrise and CThree please visit them.

See you soon


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