Ranting a little

I’m lying here on the sofa this morning listening to the wind whistling round the building and looking at the grey sky. The forecast says that this is what the weekend holds for us and it is so tempting to just accept that it is just not fit to get out and about. It doesn’t help that I am still suffering from depression, that I am overweight (nay, lets be honest, obese) and unfit, and generally lacking in ‘get up and go’ either.

Today I need to get a walk of around 2.5 miles done, preferably on flat ground, no mud, undercover and dry. Unfortunately as I hate gyms I shall have to compromise on this and will probably end up on a hill, knee deep in a puddle in pouring rain. There is a nice walk I had planned for a nice day that takes me along the River Trent near Sawley taht includes an option choosing between 2.5 and 3 miles near the end depending on how I feel. It also has the benefit of a couple of pubs at the finishing point for a nice warming lunch. Mmmm the pub sounds enticing and I might just have to bite the bullet here and get out there.

And the meal planning. Now I have settled on following a Slimming World plan of eating I have to change my mindset quite drastically. I have always been one for the ad hoc snack, crisps or a sandwich when I was peckish or low. Suppose that has been my downfall. Biggest problem I have had so far is “the most important meal of the day”, yes I mean breakfast. If I have breakfast then I start snacking and grazing, it really seems to kickstart my desire to eat. And I get cranky if I try to resist. Note that I said desire, not need back there, I can get through an amazing amount of fruit etc between breakfast and lunch on the average day and even following SW that is not conducive to losing weight. I have even taken to leaving things in the car until lunchtime at work to try and help.

As far as meals go though I am a bit of a stick in the mud. Meat and chips (fries) is good and a variant of SW chips (no parboiling first) tastes excellent. Then there is Spag Bol, Chilli with Rice and the good old fry-up (grilled of course). But many of the recipes in the SW cookbooks leave me cold as the substitutes for some ingredients or the need to buy in new stuff leaves me cold. I know what I like and as I would have to make these meals for one while making something else for the rest of the family it is easier to go with a narrower selection. And that is the diet killer, boredom!
Each morning last week I had porridge oats soaked overnight in Mullerlight fruit yoghurt and topped with frozen fruit. I anticipate that by next weekend I will have to try something else or start hating it. But it is something I can eat at my desk easily. Fortunately I will be off work for 1 1/5 weeks over Easter so the SW fried breakfast comes in, grilled lean bacon, egg, mushroom and tomatoes or beans, I can even have some wholemeal toast with it. And that should get me ready again for the porridge, which I do like both for the taste and the illusion of plenty that you don’t get from 30g of many other cereals.

Lunches are not so bad as they do tend to be alternating between SW quiche with salad or leftovers from the previous night’s dinner.

All I need to do it seems is find my own mindset, I find it too difficult to get into the normal self-deception many employ to tell themselves that what they are eating is just like the full fat/sugar version. Fortunately when I cook I start from scratch and use no fat or sugar in preparation if I can help it (J does like a little sugar in tomato dishes though to offset the acidity). I will find my way though, the thing that works for me and I will be slim and fit again!

Thanks for listening to my Saturday rant, normal service will now be resumed.


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