Going down

Weight 310315Well as you can see from the above it has been a better week, 4 lb which makes my total so far 7 lb since the start of my fundraiser. Going onto Slimming World was certainly a good decision. Well I say going, I follow the eating plan from the last time I went to meetings which is not the latest version. And I go to the local chemist to weigh myself. But is saving me a fortune and working too.

Not so good on the exercise front though, I’m a fair weather walker and with the way the weather has been recently I have stayed at home rather than getting soaked in the middle of a field somewhere. The countryside isn’t quite as attractive when you are cold and wet. But as soon as we see the sun again for a reasonable time I’m going to dust off the walking boots again and get out there.

In other news E is visiting, she is my partners daughter, though I do treat her as one of my own, she has been living in America with her husband for around 18 months now and this is her first visit back. She is here with us today and we have been off to see Insurgence at the local cinema. Not a bad film really, and we enjoyed all of the action sequences.This evening is a trip to a local carvery before dropping her back at her Dad’s place. She will be back to spend next week with us before we take her to the airport for the loooong trip home. More on that in another posting.

My next blog post will probably be all about the awesome First Contact Day in Leicester, but be warned it is my first con in 19 years and I might be a little incoherent.

See you all later


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