Easter Part One

So much done, so much to say! There are going to have to be several posts today just to get in all that has happened since Friday night!

Friday was almost a normal day, housework done in preparation for visitors arriving on Easter Monday. But then late afternoon we loaded up the car with our holdall, and a wheelchair and set off for an Ibis Budget hotel on the edge of Leicester.

The Ibis chain is pretty good if you are looking for a place to stay when visiting cities everywhere, they are inexpensive and convenient. Unfortunately as we found the budget hotels are not as comfortable as the normal Ibis if you suffer aches and pains as we do, the beds are a little on the hard side. The rooms are quite basic, tiny shelves either side of the bed which almost fills one end of the room. There is a good size shower stall and a tiny toilet. A sink in one corner of the room and a small table and chair completes the complement of furniture. The TV on the wall in the corner is the standard these days. Free, reasonable speed wifi is a great plus though. The room cost us £73 for two nights though so if you are younger and fitter than us it could work quite well. Breakfast is an extra at £4.95, but you get a good selection of croissants, toast, bacon and egg, cereals and fruit are also available. Add the fact that it is all you can eat buffet style and it is quite a winner.

Right, advert for the hotel over, time for the pub. We ate at the Hobby Horse, just up the A46 from the hotel. For someone on a Slimming World eating plan the mixed grill was pretty close to perfect! Have to admit though that I did eat the fries and onion rings too. And I had dessert too! Apple and Raspberry crumble with custard, not a lorge portion of either but definitely naughty. What the heck though, this weekend was a birthday present from J and while I intended to try to behave I was holidaying!

After this it was back to the hotel, to watch a bit of TV and read a little before trying to get a night’s sleep before the events that were to unfurl the next day.

Well that was my Friday, more to follow soon.

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