A new sort of Saturday (perhaps)

Good morning folks, time for a general blather to get the momentum up in my postings. Normally after waking up at the weekend I’ll just go through my Facebook and Twitter feeds and read the current book on my reading list, going through a couple of coffees before waking J and then sort of wasting the morning before finally heading out to the shops around lunchtime.

Today? Well this morning I’m trying to fight the normal apathy and it’s not easy by any means! So far I have checked the feeds, had a coffee, eaten a breakfast of porridge made with 70% water, sweetened with honey and with a banana sliced into it. Tried similar before but I assure you fresh pineapple just doesn’t do it for me. Now I’m putting together the shopping list before heading out to the shops…oh and typing a blog post of course. By lunchtime today I am hoping to have completed all of the shopping and got in a pleasant 2 mile walk along the Nutbrook Trail in Derbyshire. For those who want to follow my exploits I’ll be starting at Stanton Gate Nature Reserve at Stapleford and walking along the Erewash Canal towards Ilkeston, at Stanton Lock I will cross the canal and continue along the trail through the old Stanton Iron works. On reaching Compton Road I will assess how I feel and either retrace my steps for a total distance of 2 miles or explore more of the route through the old works towards the Nutbrook Canal. After that I can take a well deserved rest before seeing what my afternoon is going to bring.

Anyway, enough of the chattering from me, how do you organise your days, is it just a routine that you have fallen into? Do you plan every minute before hand?  And do you stick to the plan relentlessly? Or like me do you just amble through the day and then try to pack it all in at the end?

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One Response to A new sort of Saturday (perhaps)

  1. Jubbly x says:

    As an insomniac, I tend to lay in bed all night planning what to do when I arise. But then am too buggered to do anything. However, I ‘have’ just started using spray magnesium oil which after what seems like a zillion sleep remedies that have failed me, seems to be helping. My daughter gave me some as it seems to be helping her insomnia also. So the past week, has seen me get into a bit of sorting out in the home. Today I ‘plan’ to go shopping to Aldi, do some bulk cooking (chicken curry) which I shall divide into take away containers for my Dad, my Daughter and myself. Also the ‘plan’ is to sort out either the cupboard under the kitchen sink (ewww) or the bathroom drawers. It helps that I have a guest arriving this week from Melbourne. Usually get more done when that kind of thing happens. I hope you had a good day and managed that walk.


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