Castaway Mage – To rewrite or not to rewrite?

I have a decision to make, it’s one of those important ones, the sort that change worlds and the lives of people. I am of course talking about writing, still not quite important enough to do that for real.

I’m currently writing my first book and I’m doing it all wrong. I know this but I just can’t help but get words down on pages. This of course means I keep having little ideas that I think would look good and then I have to do a bit of rewriting to make it work.

And that brings me to the decision, it’s all due to a matter of scale really. I realised that the story would work better if I increased the distances in the story by a factor of 10, in fact it needed to be increased for it to make sense. What to do? I can either rewrite the whole thing, losing some great lines, remake it as a short story to keep the good stuff in or shelve the project until my skills have improved.

We shall see.


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