Stormy Weather II

Well the weather here has improved, more blue sky than cloud, it must know that I’m on to it.

And on to it I am! The Winter Tree has been drafted and is ready for my testers to go through it with a fine tooth comb. While I await their dread reports on all of the bad gramer (yes I know) and speeling (again I know), I have decided to press on while I’m on the proverbial roll. As we speak (type, blog, post…dammit I know what I mean) I am taking a wee break from the crafting of Stormy Weather, the second in a set of connected short stories starring my protagonist Karanthia Reynolds in battle against the strange and mysterious alongside Detective Inspector Peters of the Greater British Police Force. Currently I’m 1000 words in and sinking fast, I didn’t know the bookshelf had such a steep drop off into the crushing depths of the Wordcrafting Ocean, at least I can doggy paddle!

As a little teaser (nope, other than the short I put into my recent blog post called Sadness there is nothing to see here) here are the titles of my next short stories in this thread. Vulcan Rising, Sunflare, Ocean Deep, these are in no particular order and may have one or two more added to them. Eventually I’m planning to add a little short piece between each to join them up into a nice little collection. Who knows I might then look at the posibility of getting it published! If not of course I’ll probably share it with you poor crazy wonderful people.

Whoops, my muse is calling, and Kara is on the link whispering more adventures into my mind. See you all later…if I survive.

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