Stormy Weather

You wouldn’t think it was June would you? Grey overcast sky, gusty winds. It has rained in the night and will probably rain again. The forecasters are saying it will get warm and sunny later in the week but I am taking that with a pinch of salt and leaving the summer clothes at the back of the wardrobe.

Can’t you tell I am British! They say the top conversation between British people who meet up is the weather, doesn’t matter if it is rain or shine, snow or hail. And it’s usually prefixed with “How are you today.” Well that is true for me and others I know, but is it a generalisation? And what about other countries, I wonder how it goes for them.

But as they say, it’s good for the gardens. And so far it has saved me watering in my attempt at growing interesting vegetables. Thanks to my younger daughter I have planted some unusual things (well they are to me anyway). I now have Tomato plants growing that will eventually bear stripy fruits, purple carrots and would you believe red brussels sprouts. My Christmas dinner this year is going to look very colorful!

Oh and for those who like serials the blog title today is a hint to my next posting. Watch this space.

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