The Experiment

It finally happened, my trusty old laptop has started to misbehave and I can’t trust it not to just up and die on me in the middle of writing a word. So I have been to buy a shiny new purple beast. And it came with Windows 8.1…Eeeek!! I was still using XP till Tuesday, this is a real shock to the system. And transferring everything from XP to 8.1 has degenerated into moving individual files and writing down settings as THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE!

So, while I slowly but surely lick the new monster into a good enough shape to let me get on with writing my novel I’m playing around in Kara’s world a little. What you will get to see are a set of little stories, most weighing in at under 300 words, all unpolished and fresh minted as first draft from my fevered brow. Without further ado here is the first.

The Experiment

Part I

Kara sat at the table in her room, to her right was the notebook opened to the page where she had carefully written her equation for this experiment. On the left she carefully placed her recording stone, the piece of magnetite she used for storing her voice logs.

Gently calming the butterflies in her stomach, she built the equation in her mind carefully setting all of the variables to the base level. Uttering the activation word she watched the clear space on the table carefully. Nothing showed but she was not disappointed, there was no way she could be lucky enough to hit it first time.

“Alternate Reality Access. Experiment 1. No result. I will increase the value of alpha in term one by a factor of 10 for the next test.

Again Kara set up and activated the equations using with the new value.

“Alternate Reality Access. Experiment 2. No Result. I will again increase alpha by a factor of 10. This should begin to put some stress on the potential barrier.”

“Alternate Reality Access. Experiment 3. Still no result. Increasing alpha by factor of 100 for the next test.”

Kara shook stone dust out of her hair and looked thoughtful.

“Alternate Reality Access. Experiment 4. Observed significant feedback reaction via gravitation channel. Now had five people come to check I am alright after the ‘earthquake’. I think I’ve taken alpha as high as is safe now. For the next test I shall reduce alpha slightly and modify the value of beta in term one by 10% positive.”

Reaching down she retrieved the recording stone from the splinters that had been her table.

“Alternate Reality Access. Experiment 5. These settings of alpha and beta seem to produce highly localised vibrations in the local Space/Time fabric. Have to see if I can sneak these results to the Defence Council. End of testing for this day.”

She looked down sadly at her favourite table, now she had better make up a good story for when she requisitioned a new one.

If you enjoyed this please share the world and let me know what you thought. Part 2 will follow on Friday evening UK time.

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