More Experiments

“Day Two. Alternate Reality Access. Experiment 6. The results from experiment 5 were interesting. Today I am going to repeat the experiment with the value of beta in term one set to a negative value which should set up two out of phase oscillations increasing the shear force on the continuum.”

Kara looked down on the table in front of her wondering what stores would say about this, she was certain that they had accepted her story of the building focusing the earthquake effects on her room to wreck the table yesterday though she had received some funny looks. But how was she going to explain the perfect circle cut out of the centre and the pile of sawdust on the floor?

“Alternate Reality Access. Experiment 7. The earlier experiment seems to be a blind alley. I have returned the beta value to default and am now going to adjust gamma in term two. Looking closely at the equation leads me to believe that delta needs to be held at unity or it might impose movement on the force locus.”

She rubbed her elbow and eyed the broken legs of the chair speculatively. She had absolutely no idea how intense that gravitational field had been but she was certainly grateful that it was so constrained. Even so her legs had been snatched from under her as the chair legs snapped. Better leave gamma alone in future if that was what a five percent increase did.

“Alternate Reality Access. Experiment 8. I am tweaking term epsilon by one percent, it is on the same side of the equation as gamma and so might have a similarly amplified effect.”

She winced as she invoked the activation word. Nothing! Another failure but at least it was non-violent. Then she noticed that the pile of sawdust had moved a little.

“Alternate Reality Access. Experiment 9. I have decided to adjust epsilon by a further one percent. This is a branch from the main thrust of my work to investigate a possibly interesting phenomenon.”

Kara’s eyes were wide with shock as the door burst open a few minutes later. And she kept glancing over to the far wall as she was led, shaking, from the room by concerned neighbours. The wall that had a four in deep hole where the pile of sawdust had impacted at such a speed that it had momentarily acted like a solid object. Now that the military would love.

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