Experiment 10

Several days passed before the doctor allowed Kara out of the infirmary. During that time she had been questioned several times about the events in her room and had skilfully evaded the truth. Now she was back, the room repaired and her table replaced along with a stern note from stores about damage to College property.

“Alternate Reality Access. Experiment 10. Leaving term one alone for the moment. In this experiment I will be increasing the value of iota in term three by 20%.”

For a few seconds nothing seemed to happen, then Kara threw herself back from the table and ran to the window choking and gasping. Behind her the stench of rotten eggs filled the room. She took several deep breaths of cool clean air and then, holding her breath she turned and with a muttered “gwasgar”, dispersed the Hydrogen Sulphide to the outside air. A fresh gust immediately sprang up and Kara realised she hadn’t got a neutralising equation formulated for her experiments and this one seemed to be self-sustaining.

She thought for a few seconds and then, “gwasgar gweithredol , that should take care of it for now.” With that tied into the main electricity supply it should keep going indefinitely. At least she would be able to live in her room while she came up with a cancelling equation.

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