Saturday is made for all sorts

Fairly busy day today it appears. First off is a trip to my daughter, a while back I recovered their precious photographs from a slightly dodgy laptop and stored them on my portable drive. Today they will be re-united. And as requested I haven’t peeked so I have no idea what I have been looking after! Speculations in the comments please.

Then I need to pick up some meat for this evenings low cal sweet and sour pork, and general shopping. As you can see I do have a very exciting life.

This afternoon though we are going to take a run out somewhere, don’t know where yet but it has to be no more than an hour’s drive from Bramcote, and pleasant to look at too. And it needs to have or be near a place where we can find something tasty to eat. Was originally planning a picnic but don’t have the makings and won’t really have enough time after the shopping to prepare much (prefer eggy butties and you need all of that cooking, cooling and mashing). J says she would prefer to go today rather than tomorrow too.

And today is going to be the day that Castaway Mage sees the new laptop too, I have everything set up well enough on here that I think I can get back to writing Kara’s first adventure again. Oh, and watch out later for Experiment 10 in the mini-saga.


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