Experiment 10a

“Alternate Reality Access. Experiment 10a. Cancelling the effect of the last experiment.”

Kara looked at the new equation she had worked out. “Here we go. Activate!”

She sniffed the air, despite the constant removal of the Hydrogen Sulphide from the air in front of her she could still smell a constant faint stench of eggs. She tried again and still nothing happened. That was worrying, a self-sustaining reaction was going to keep using up the raw materials locally…just where was that sulphur coming from anyway? Then she noticed the box of matches she used to light her prayer candles. Aha! She picked them up from the table and put them away in her sleeping area.

Back at the table the smell of eggs started to diminish. A wave of relief swept over her momentarily, but had the reaction stopped? She thought for a moment, noticing as she did that the air was still very dry in her throat. Snapping her fingers she invoked a small flame, with a whoosh a ball of pale blue fire blossomed in front of her. “Curse it. Looks like that reaction is still disassociating the water in the air. I’d better re-tune the dispersal field.

Well, she mused, if the worst happens I could make a small fortune selling hydrogen to the chemistry department.

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