My name is Karanthia…Karanthia Reynolds

I have been a little busy for the last few days looking at my first ever submitted (subsequently rejected) story. The Winter Tree was written too quickly in response to a submission call for an anthology. At the time I just couldn’t resist writing it. While I did get some good comments about it from friends who read it I knew it wasn’t overly good though I think the idea behind it was. Anyway, I looked long an hard at the story and considered filing it away as a failed idea. Then I had a thought, wondering if a change of viewpoint would make a difference as I found the original didn’t seem to flow quite right. And it seems to be working, by becoming Kara and telling my ‘own’ story of the events in Bearstead on that winter’s day, the story is looking much better. First redraft is almost complete and I’m going soon going to shelve it for a few weeks before revisiting it. Might even submit the revamp later this year. And if this works I suspect I might have to become Karanthia Reynolds for a while to tell my stories to the world.

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