In the Beginning

If you are visiting my blog for words of wisdom then all I can say is “Nothing to see here, Move along folks.”

Of course if you are of a sadistic bent and love to see abject suffering then you have come to the right place. I’m dying by inches here!

An old friend sort of issued a challenge to me once, not sure if that is old as in ‘known for a while’ or as in ‘no longer a friend’. But the challenge was quite simple and oh so very hard. “Everyone has a book in them you know, why don’t you write yours?” And I bit didn’t I? Took it hook, line and sinker. And I opened the gates of Hell, just a little you understand, and this little demon snuck out and crept into my head. And the little bugger has set up home hasn’t she? Got herself a nice little place in the stranger part of my mind, a nice little demon husband and they seem to be creating quite a large family in there.

My first attempt at writing should have taught me the important lessons. Having an idea so wonderful and intoxicating though. I started writing and in a very short time my idea appeared on the page, there it was in all of it’s glory, all dressed up…and no where to go. I had nothing, not an inkling of where it it would go next. So I sighed, claimed writers block and just got on with life. Then a while later a small (very small as it turned out) lightbulb lit up and I hauled out the stump of a story and encouraged new growth, for a short while and then the ‘block’ clamped down again. And that seemed to be it.

And then Karanthia came along, though she introduced herself to me as Kara, just breezed into my life whispering hints of tales and a way to evict what was now a demon horde festering in the depths tormenting me with the story that got away because I wasn’t good enough. So; of course, I listened to this silver tongued temptress and wrote a story, again no planning, but this time it reached a sort of end. And The Winter Tree was duly polished a little and sent off, it was rejected of course and now sits waiting for me to work on it for more attempts, though it also beckons me with the hints that it is part of a linked series of short stories.

Then came Seeking, a whimsical little tale of Karanthia’s that she recounted to me during a quiet moment or two, that didn’t even get on to the long list in a writing competition, but I loved the little tyke.

And you have already seen Whisperer, that was added to my last blog post, what did you think of it? I feel there is a nice little story in there somewhere but it needs a lot of sanding and polishing to make it appear.

And so for the moment I plan, and research and plan again. Scrivener (my weapon of choice) as slowly filling up with places, people and all of the other bits and pieces that will one day be used to craft a story of loss and pain and non-magical witchcraft in a place not too unlike our own world.

Oh, and the story that began it all, it has found a home with Kara, and one day soon it will be told!

If you ignored my warnings at the beginning and managed to get this far then I’m afraid I don’t have a reward for you, though I would really appreciate it if you left a comment or two, maybe even tell me what you thought of the story in the last post.

See ya for now




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