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Stormy Weather

You wouldn’t think it was June would you? Grey overcast sky, gusty winds. It has rained in the night and will probably rain again. The forecasters are saying it will get warm and sunny later in the week but I … Continue reading

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Motherhood and Age

This weekend has been a busy but enjoyable one celebrating Motherhood and Age. On Saturday we traveled to Ashford in the Water in Derbyshire to visit J’s mother and take her for a meal. We took her to the Wheatsheaf … Continue reading

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Mandy Roe

Sorry about the gap in my musings dear readers but we have had sad times here. You may remember this young lady, as I have mentioned her a couple of times. Well, after looking after her, vet visits for a … Continue reading

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Tired but cheery

Been an interesting day overall and I think tomorrow might just be starting the same way! It started at 1.45 am when my alarm woke me for the first of the many feedings today for poor Mandy Pig, I’ve already … Continue reading

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And so, it begins

The words of Kosh Naranek of the Vorlons are quite apt for a mildly geeky fat mouse at the start of her journey to release her inner thin. You can either blame or thank my daughter for these ramblings, it’s … Continue reading

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